Inside Summer Generations

The Housing Effect: What Role Does Shelter Play in Elders’ Lives?

            Our Guest Editor: Alisha Sanders

Where Do Older Adults Really Live?

            Housing: Often Overlooked, but a Critical Pillar for Older Adults     By Alisha Sanders

            Meanings and Materialities of “Home” for Older People     By Janine L. Wiles and Gavin J. Andrews

            Can the Nation’s Housing Support a Population Seeking to Age in Place?     By Jennifer H. Molinsky and         Christopher Herbert

Affordable and Suitable, and When It’s Neither

            Financial Challenges at Older Ages—and the Implications for Housing Options     By Richard Johnson

            Falling Short: Federal Housing Assistance is Failing Older Adults     By Linda M. Couch

            Homeownership Among Older Adults: A Source of Stability—or Stress?     By Christopher Herbert and Jennifer H. Molinsky

            Instead of Aging in Place, How About Trying to Age in the Right Place?     By Karan Kaul, Laura S. Goodman, and Alanna McCargo

            Homelessness Among Older Adults: An Emerging Crisis     By Margot Kushel

Seeking Stability or a Better Path

            Overcoming Inertia to Jumpstart Home Modifications for Aging in Place     By Louis Tenenbaum and Susan Kimmel

            A Solutions-Oriented Partnership Helps Metro Detroit Elders Stay Safe at Home     By Yuliya Gaydayenko

            Building a Lifelong Community for All Ages     By Kathryn Lawler and Cathie Berger

            The Evolving Promise and Potential of the Granny Flat     By M. Scott Ball and Kathryn Lawler

            Aging Better Together, Intentionally     By Annie P. Glass and Lauretta Lawlor